Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does CQF levy a membership charge on its partners?

A: No, CQF does not levy a membership charge on its partners.

Q: When are Partner commissions paid?

As soon as you enroll, we will email you with the subject line "Welcome to the 2 Click Vacation Referral Program" from "Compare Quotes Fast".

This email contains your login details to access your affiliate partner dashboard where you check your statistics, and can enter your PayPal details for payment. The email will also contain your special link to access your exclusive share page. Please save/bookmark this email.

Our accounting team will automatically process your payment within 3 business days at the end of each month.

Note: $100.00 is our minimum payment threshold.

Payment Example:

Say at the end of this month (June, 2024) you refer 5,000 people, who all complete the action of reserving their vacation and then clicking continue. In this scenario, you will receive a payment of $10,000.00 USD (5,000 x $2) within 3 days at the end of this month ie June, 2024.

Q: I have a few more questions, where should I get contact?

A: In case you have any questions about partner commissions, please contact our support desk.

Q: How am I paid commissions?

A: Payments are processed via Paypal or bank transfer for transfers over $10,000 per month.

Q: How Does Our Company Benefit:

A: Your referred visitor will receive their selected complimentary vacation voucher directly to their inbox after simply sharing our “Car Insurance Saving Offer”. Our company and our network of agents across the US have the opportunity to help more people save on their car insurance during these difficult times.  Everyone wins!

Q: Whats all the benefits and whats in it for me as a Partner:


  • 2 Click Easy Conversion point: Each person you refer from the US only needs to initiate 2 Clicks from any desktop or mobile device, and you get paid $2.00 USD for each referral. Just 2 clicks = $2.00 for you!
  • Popular Mass Appeal Offer: Each person you refer will be Very interested in obtaining a Complimentary Vacation to stay at a Luxury Hotel or Resort of their choice Valued at up to $1,200.00, with No Purchase Necessary and No Timeshare Presentation needed to attend;
  • Replacement or Sideline Income: Use this new income to provide for yourself and your family;
  • Freedom & Flexibility: No technical skills needed to create freedom and have more time flexibility to do what you value most;
  • Unlimited Earning Potential: Continue referring as many people as you can, and benefit from Unlimited Weekly Income;
  • Monthly Giveaways: Top Performing Partners can receive; Cash Prizes, Holiday Giveaways, Gift card Giveaways, and much more...

Q: Does this work on Mobile and can I share my link anytime 24/7?

A: Yes our pages and system works 100% on any mobile device, and also you can share 24/7 using this button below to access your exclusive share page:

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