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Please follow the steps below, so we can get you live within the next 24 hours:

1) Insertion Order (IO):

We will eSign your IO within the next ~12 hours.  To enrich your IO with the necessary details, please see CPA Offer details and Benefits of running this CPA offer below. Feel free to copy/paste the required information below into your IO, and into your platform:

CPA Offer details (click to expand)

Email Copy to broadcast to all your sub-affiliates:

Subject Line:

 ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ 2 Click Mass Market Complimentary Vacation Offer 🔥🔥 


Hi Affiliate,

Want to offer a Complimentary Vacation valued at up to $1,200.00 USDPromote this high converting and very unique Mass Market offer that converts on just 2 clicks on the advertisers page. 

A payable conversion is when your visitor first clicks the category they fall under, and then clicks continue.  2 Clicks = Conversion. The benefit of heavily promoting this offer is that each visitor that completes these 2 clicks, can offer a Complimentary Vacation Voucher to as many recipients they wish. Recipients will receive their vacation voucher (to a destination of their choice), after sharing our popular car insurance savings offer. No Timeshare Presentation Necessary. 

It's a Win-Win for everyone, so grab your links and start promoting this Hot offer now...

Payout US Only: $3.00
Payout Non-US: (Tier 1 Worldwide*): $1.00
* https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/tier-1-countries

Conversion Point Action:
Your postback will fire as soon as a visitor initiates 2 clicks on our Enrollment Page (Demo).

  • First Click: Visitor needs to Click to Select the Category they fall under ie: Business Owner, Student, Social Influencer & Online Super Affiliate;
  • Second Click: Visitor needs to Click to Continue with Google Or Facebook;

👉 2 clicks by anyone from the US, you generate $3.00 USD; or

👉 2 clicks by anyone from any Tier 1 Country outside the US, you generate $1.00 USD

Traffic Type Allowed:

All Web/Desktop & Mobile Devices from Display, Search PPC, Social, Native, Mobile Ads, Email, Media Buys, Contextual, Co-Reg, PPV/Pop Under/Pop Over*, and Even Incentivized.

* For publishers running PPV/Pop Under/Pop Over traffic that results in a large volume of redirects, please cap at 50,000 redirects/day. After we assess quality, we can provide a special link to then send unlimited redirects/day to our offer.

Daily Caps:



We have an attractive No Returns Policy (Except for Fraud or Ghost clicks). This means Affiliates can scale quickly and rely on their real time metrics. 


Provided upon signing up


We operate on Net 14 or Net 30 Credit terms. Simply invoice us and we will process payment based on these terms. We will instantly email you our contact details after you enroll below. 

Benefits of running this CPA offer (click to expand)
  • Mass Market Offer: Everyone wants a Complimentary Vacation to stay at a Luxury Hotel or Resort of their Choice, with No Timeshare Presentation;
  • Solid & Reputable Track Record: Over 1,000,000 (Yes, 1 Million) Happy Complimentary Voucher recipients have already traveled to their chosen Destination, all fulfilled directly through our partner in house travel agency;
  • Travel Flexibility: Voucher recipients have up to 18 months to select a date of travel and can create lasting memories by traveling solo, or can take their Partner and up to 2 children at no additional cost
  • Unlimited Vouchers: Regardless of the category the visitor selects, they will be able to offer a Complimentary Vacation Voucher valued at $1,200 USD to as many recipients as they wish. Recipients will receive their Complimentary Vacation Voucher to stay at a Luxury Hotel or Resort of their choice, after sharing our popular car insurance offer. No Timeshare Presentation Necessary;
  • Broader Reach & Unique Monetization Pathways: Our company has partnered with a large network of Insurance Agents/Companies across US, and based on the "sharing" nature of this offer, we are able to help more people save on their Insurance during these difficult times;
  • 2 Click Conversion point: Our offer converts on 2 Clicks from a desktop mouse or from a mobile device. This is the first offer in the industry with such an Easy conversion point resulting in Very high conversion rates & EPC’s;
  • No Data Entry & No Returns: There is no need for any visitor to enter email, phone, or complete any complex lead forms to convert. Offer is built to scale with No Returns (aside from fraudulent and/or ghost clicks);
  • Not Duplicatable & Always Unique: No one else can replicate/copy this offer because: a) Our technology infrastructure, IP and stack has taken over 3 years in development and is Extremely Complex and built to scale with reliability, and b) We have personal relationships with reputable Travel Agencies that instantly deliver the Complimentary Vacation Vouchers reserved;
  • All Traffic Types Allowed: All Web/Desktop Devices from Display, Search PPC, Social, Native, Mobile Ads, Email, Media Buys, Contextual, Co-Reg, and Even Incentive;
  • Solid History: We have owned and operated multiple CPA offers in the past and have been an Advertiser with some of the biggest CPA Networks in the Industry;
  • Load Times and Responsiveness: We have Extremely Fast page load times and all pages are fully Mobile Responsive, robust and reliable; and
  • Monthly Giveaways: Top performing affiliates can receive; Cash Prizes, Holiday Giveaways, Gift card Giveaways, and much more...

2) Your Custom CPA tracking link:

Your tracking link has Automatically been generated below embedded with your Unique ID so we can attribute all conversions generated from :


sid2 = Pass your AffiliateID in this parameter
sid3 = Pass your ClickID in this parameter

Please set this link up on your platform. On completion, please email your Postback URL to Michael Smith: michael@comparequotesfast.org

Once you email your postback and we place it, we will email you back to run a test conversion and confirm, so we can set the offer live.

3) Key Contacts:

Accounting (send all invoices as per agreed payment terms):
Jasmine Johnston
Senior Accountant

For CPA offer management:
Michael Smith
Business Development
Email: michael@comparequotesfast.org 
Skype: live:.cid.65888a8cb548dbbd

Krishaan Chandra
Email: krishaan@comparequotesfast.org 

For all other enquiries/support, raise a support ticket here:


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