1 - Online Platforms Link Shortener too "VisitCQF.com"

2a) Click to Share on these Popular Social platforms – 2 Minutes

Click each of the social share buttons below, to post directly on these platforms:

2b) Click to Share on Gmail – 2 Minutes

Click this button to share on Gmail then follow these 5 steps to share with all your contacts:


1 - Click the "To" Text

2 - Select "All Contacts"

3 - Check "Select All"

4 - Click "Insert"

5 - Click "Send"

2c) Click to Share on Yahoo – 2 Minutes

Click this button to share with all your contacts on Yahoo:

2d) Click to Share on these Messenger platforms – 2 Minutes

Click each of the messenger platforms below, and share with all your friends

2e) Click to Place Link in Your TikTok Account – 2 Minutes

TikTok has a feature that lets users add a link in their Bio.  If you have a good following, this can translate into $,$$$ per week.

To add a link in your TikTok Bio, follow these steps:

  • Open Your TikTok Account
  • Click on 'Profile'
  • Tap 'Manage Account'
  • Change Your Personal Account to a TikTok Business Account
  • Go Back to the Profile Page
  • Click this button to copy your custom referral link:
  • Paste this Link into the TikTok Box
  • Click the 'Submit' Button


2 - Email and Direct Link Shortener too "VisitCQF.com"

3a) Copy Message + Link to Use with Email

If you have an Email list and/or can partner with people that have massive lists, then you could generate a Huge windfall of income in a very short period of time by using our high converting message below. This message includes your custom tracking link so we know the number of referrals that came from you. 

Today, Claim Your Complimentary Vacation Voucher to a Nearby Destination of Your Choice valued at $1,200.00 USD.  

Stay in a Luxury Hotel or Resort with No Timeshare Presentation.To Qualify, Simply Share our Popular Car Insurance Savings and receive your Complimentary Vacation Voucher to your email. 

It's that easy! Nothing to purchase!

Hurry, Limited Complimentary Vouchers Remain... Click the link below to select your destination, then click continue to access your share page and follow the steps from there 


Just Click "Copy Link With Above Text" button above to copy the advertising message along with your custom tracking link.


Next, simply paste inside your email platform, and broadcast to all subscribers in your list, or send this text (with your tracking link) to any large email list owner so they can send to their entire subscriber list. 

You can also paste this text + link inside any other social site or platforms you feel will obtain a massive number of clicks and referral through your link.

Earning Potential:

Imagine you had an existing email list, or partnered with a list owner each week that had a subscriber list of 10,000 people. If only 30% of subscribers initiated the 2 clicks to enroll, this is your Weekly Earning Potential:

3,000 x $2.00 = $6,000.00 USD


Weekly Earning Potential: $6,000.00 USD/Wk.

3b) Copy Your Custom Referral Tracking Link & Share Anywhere

If you just want to copy your custom referral tracking link and share anywhere else you wish, click on the button below:

3 - QR Code Link Shortener too "VisitCQF.com" 

Provider 3 - Short Link YES::


4 - Direct INLINE Link with Passed in Variables too "VisitCQF.com" 

Have Link Shortened with a clickable, in a new window directive 

clickable_link='y' rand='n' newtab='y']


Have this button say "Copy Link", and have a link shortener directive applied like: short_link="y" rand="n"


** Make sure when we are shortening the link, if original link already exists, it will use the link that was previously shortened rather than always creating a unique shortening link



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