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Your complimentary vacation voucher to  valued at up to $1,200.00 has been reserved for you until June 18, 2024.

Follow Step 1 to click and automatically share on the platforms below, and follow Step 2 to distribute flyers.  When at least 10 people anywhere in the US run their No Obligation Car Insurance Price Check to see how much they could save, we will instantly email your voucher to: .

Each button below has automatically been embedded with your Exclusive Referral ID so we can track your progress.

We will periodically email you to updates on your progress.  Each email will also include a link to this same Exclusive Share Page, where you can continue sharing over the coming days.

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Voucher Sending Status: Receive your Complimentary Vacation voucher to valued up to $1,200.00 after you invite another 10 people

Follow Step 1 and Step 2 below to Invite

Step 1: Share on All Online Platforms Below (10mins) 

Your Online Social Sharing goal is to get maximum number of people to view the Advertising Message shared, then click through to run their FREE Car Insurance Price Check.

*Important: , when you click on each platform below, our system Automatically Generates & Posts the Advertising Message along with your Custom Referral Link, so we can track all the referrals from you. Click & Share on each platform below to receive your voucher

1a) Click to Share on these Popular Social platforms – 3 Minutes

Click each of the social share buttons below, to post directly on the platforms:

1b) Click to Share on Gmail – 2 Minutes

Click this button to share on Gmail then follow these 5 steps to share with all your contacts:


1 - Click the "To" Text

2 - Select "All Contacts"

3 - Check "Select All"

4 - Click "Insert"

5 - Click "Send"

1c) Click to Share on Yahoo – 2 Minutes

Click this button to share with all your contacts on Yahoo:

1d) Click to Share on these Messenger platforms – 3 Minutes

Click each of the messenger platforms below, and share with all your friends

1e) Copy Message + Link to Use with Email1 Minute

If you have an Email list and/or can partner with people that have massive lists, then you could generate a large number of referrals in a very short period of time by using our high converting message below. This message includes your custom tracking link so we know the number of referrals that came from you. 

Lower Your Car Insurance Rate, and Enjoy a Complimentary Vacation valued at up to $1,200.00

Click the link below to reserve your desired destination and then complete the 10 Minute Car Insurance Savings Challenge. Provide a quick review of how you went, and regardless of whether you secured a lower rate or not you will instantly receive your Complimentary Vacation.

It's Fast and Easy! Complimentary Vacation Vouchers are limited, so activate this offer now before you miss out.


1f) Copy Your Referral Tracking Link 1 Minute

Use this link below to share anywhere else, you wish. Click the button below to get your custom referral tracking link:

Step 2: Print & Distribute this Flyer Below

Your Flyer Distribution goal is to get maximum number of people to scan your custom QR Code on the flyer, and then run their to run their FREE Car Insurance Price Check.

*Important: When you download your custom flyer below , the QR Code is specific to you.  When anyone scans this QR code to check their car insurance rate, you will be credited.

2a) Click to Download Your Custom Flyer

2b) Follow this Letter Box Strategy
  • Print 25 Copies from your home printer
  • Cut all the flyers horizontally and vertically in the middle so you get 4 flyers / page. Total flyers will now be: 4 x 25 = 100 Flyers
  • Distribute these 100 flyers to homes in your Zip Code

Your Goal: If only 10% of people who received the flyers scanned the QR Code to check their car insurance rate, you would instantly achieve 10 referrals (10% of 100 flyers in circulation = 10). When this happens, your voucher will instantly be emailed to you. 

Benefits of Referring as Many People as you Can:

  • Complimentary Vacation Voucher up to $1,200.00 USD Value;
  • No Timeshare Presentation to Sit Through;
  • Stay at a Luxury Hotel or Resort provided by our exclusive partnership with Redeem Vacations, a Top Rated Travel company;
  • Go solo, or take your Partner and up to 2 children at no additional cost;
  • Create lasting memories
  • No Purchase Necessary;
  • You Have 18 Months to select a date of travel;


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