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Follow Step 1 and Step 2 below to Maximize your weekly income.

Remember, we pay $1.00 USD for each visitor that enrolls on our Partner Enrollment Page (Demo Page) using any of your custom tracking links provided below.  Visitors you send simply need to click the category they fall under, and then click continue. 2 simple clicks = $1.00 earned by you.

Note: Access to this Exclusive Share Page has been emailed to you. We recommend you locate and save the email sent from "Compare Quotes Fast" with the subject line: "Welcome to the CQF Partner Program". This email contains your Login Details to your Partner Dashboard along with a Special Access link to re-visit this page to continue sharing.

Your Live Statistics Snapshot as at June 15, 2024

Total Current Month to Date Number of Referrals:  0

Total Current Month to Date Amount Payable: $0.00

Next Payment: Processed within 3 days after the end of June, 2024. 

For more details stats, please login to your portal here:

Step 1: Share on All Online Platforms Below 

Your Daily Online Social Sharing goal is to maximize the number of people that view the Advertising Message shared, and click your custom tracking link to visit our page and enroll.  The more visitors that enroll through your link, the more revenue you will generate.


*Important, when you click each platform below, our system Automatically Generates and Posts the Advertising Message with your Custom Tracking Link. Click & Share on each platform below.

1a) Share on these Social platforms

Click each of the social share buttons below to automatically post directly on the platforms:

1b) Share on Gmail

Click this button to share on Gmail then follow these 5 steps to share with all your contacts:

1 - Click the "To" Text

2 - Select "All Contacts"

3 - Check "Select All"

4 - Click "Insert"

5 - Click "Send"

1c) Share on these Msgr platforms

Click each of the messenger platforms below, and share with all your friends

Step 2: Accelerate Your Income With Email Broadcasts, or Share Anywhere Using Your Tracking Link

2a) Copy Message + Link to Use with Email or Any Social Platform

If you have an Email list and/or can partner with people that have massive lists, you could generate a Huge windfall of income in a very short period of time by using our high converting message below. This message includes your custom tracking link so we know the number of enrollments that came from you. 

Attention => Business Owners, Students, Influencers and Online Affiliates

Offer a Complimentary Vacation Voucher and Earn up to $2,000.00 USD or More Each week.

=> Anyone you refer that visits our page, can stay at any Destination of their choice;
=> No Purchase Necessary and No Timeshare Presentation Needed;
=> Over 1,000,000 Happy Complimentary Voucher Recipients have traveled to their chosen Destination;
=> Earn $2.00 USD for each visitor that reserves their destination, and continues - 2 clicks = $2 earned;
=> Your visitor instantly receives their voucher, after simply sharing our popular car insurance savings offer;

Click this link to learn more and enroll now: 


Just click the "Copy Link With Above Text" button above to copy the advertising message along with your custom tracking link.


Next, simply paste inside your email platform, and broadcast to all subscribers in your list, or send this to any email list owner, so they can send to their entire subscriber list. 

You can also paste this message inside any other social site or platforms you feel will generate a large number of clicks and enrolments.

Earning Potential:

Imagine you partnered with a list owner each week that had a subscriber list of 10,000 people. If only 20% of subscribers initiated the 2 clicks, your Weekly Earnings Potential would be:

2,000 x $1.00 = $2,000.00 USD

Weekly Earning Potential: $2,000.00 USD/Wk.

2b) Copy Your Custom Referral Tracking Link & Share Anywhere

If you just want to copy your custom referral tracking link (without the advertising message), and share anywhere else you wish, click on the button below:

Your Monthly Goals as our Affiliate Manager:

  • Enroll at least 2000 New Visitors Each Month that initiate these 2 clicks; and
  • Think outside the box on how you can generate Maximum visitors to our page;


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